Google IO 2011 - Day After Digest

On my way back to New Orleans from San Francisco.  Great trip out to Google IO 2011. While it is buzzing fresh around my information soaked brain cells, here is my Day-After-Digest.

If I wasn't motivated to be an Android developer three days ago, I'd darn sure be now. Yes there are a zillion devices to worry about compatibility on. Yes there is the issue of coding to fit several versions of the OS. I will swallow that pill to reach the over 400,000 new activations every month. The acceleration of Android adoption shows no sign of waning. Get on board now.

My show highlights:

Android 3.1 addresses tablet woes. This refresh will make Android tablets a bit more viable. Now the adoption of Android tablets will be firmly in the hands of the developer. If you have an app in the market, you absolutely need to adjust it to fit well on the tablet. Some of the most popular apps simply look juvenile today (I'm looking at you TweetDeck).

The new features in Google Market are solid and useful. It is almost as if Google was listening to us. 91 more countries.  The ability to see the list of devices your app will run on. More ways to promote new apps. Better stats and stat filtering. Rewards for being a solid developer. The ability to have larger apps. The ability to support multiple binaries. Thank you.

The Android Tools developers feel our pain. In a way, I think that the giveaway of a tablet to everyone at the show was partly a way to ease the pain of having to develop on the emulator. I was very happy that they showed us their ideas for addressing the emulator speed, even if it was very early code with warts and bruises. Thank you.

I love the soon to be released ADT 11 tools updates. Refactoring layouts. Refactoring styles. Much better visual layout tools. And for those (like me) who prefer to still code the XML directly, much better code assist. I can't wait to get my hands on this. I may even take the time to build it from the upstream source just to get it earlier.

ADK! Heck yes. Once again making it clear that the folks at Google are watching and listening. No more hacking to support USB peripherals. Ok, not exactly true. Much less hacking needed to support USB peripherals. Very nice.

Ice Cream Sandwich. The Googlers were calling it ICS and it was very clear that this has been in the front brain space for a lot of them. This is a very aggressive release and I would not at all be surprised to see the release date slowly creep out. If they want my opinion: Please take the time to do this one right.

Google TV will be a viable app delivery platform.

I still don't quite get the NFC religion.

Next year, they may just have to hold the Android track sessions in the Keynote room.

To the people who got a free tablet,  free chromebook, a free 4G wireless hotspot and still bitched and moaned about not getting a free phone. Grow the heck up.

And speaking of Chrome and ChromeBooks. The new video for the Chromebook/ChromeOS is a home run. In fact I think I'll go watch it again now.